About us

Hello, my name is Angie Kessinger-Wolf.  I am the new owner of WildTy Boutique!  I am very excited to have my own small business and will continue the Wild Ty Boutique brand as a way to offer cute boutique clothing at affordable prices. 

I know sometimes getting to the store is nearly impossible. I want to offer women a different option, a more efficient option.

Wild Ty Boutique is an online store that allows women to buy complete outfits with a few simple clicks! No one knows your closet better than you do, so that’s why we offer women the ability to buy the whole outfit or a few statement pieces to spruce up their wardrobe. Our goal for the business is to provide looks for busy women that are simple, stylish and affordable. Keeping everything tied together can be hard, but Wild Ty Boutique can help.